Gary Gordon – Fort Saskatchewan Realtor

Gary Gordon warningFort Saskatchewan is a thriving little city with a small town atmosphere.  Real Estate is a booming business.  If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Fort Saskatchewan, a local couple has some advice for you.  Don’t call Gary Gordon owner of Century 21 Realty.

The couple’s experience was described by them as a nightmare. They were in the market to purchase an assisted living apartment for an elderly relative who was recently widowed and was in need of assistance.  Gary talked and acted like an old friend, winning the trust of the couple and other family members, but when it came to completing the sale, they say he was anything but a trusted friend.  Had it not been for an issue with the mortgage due to the property appraisal, they would never have realized how he manipulated them.  It turned out ok in the end, but it could have been catastrophic if the couple had not been able to secure financing.  In addition to steering clear of Mr. Gary Gordon, the couple advises to never use the same realtor as the seller when making a purchase. The realtor always works for the seller first -that’s where their commission lies.

They will be lodging a formal complaint with the real estate board in the near future. They are giving it some time to see if there are other issues that he failed to inform them on.  To add insult to injury, they didn’t receive the air miles promised in Century 21 advertising.

Our source says that the couple had this to say, “we are taking responsibility for our mistake of trusting that Gary Gordon was working on our behalf and with our interests in mind. We should have been more careful and paid closer attention. We are going to be making a home purchase in the next few months, and so are other family members so we are really grateful that this issue arose or we would still be under the impression that he is an honest man. We are grateful that he won’t profit further from us (or our ignorance), and we hope that others are spared the pain we went through.”

Do you have any experience with a dishonest realtor?  Would you like your story published?

Turner Valley Hotel Review

Turner Valley Hotel Review
Mold on window sill St turner valley hotel

Window sill – filth and mold


If you are ever in the beautiful Turner Valley, Alberta, you’ll know you’re in God’s country. Don’t ruin the experience by staying at the Turner Valley Lodge aka Hotel. It’s a very old building, which would be fine if it wasn’t a filthy, smelly, moldy building.

The overweight man behind the front desk needs a lesson in customer service. You get the feeling that you are more of an inconvenience than a guest.  He looks just about as clean as his environment as he sits there watching TV and looks up at you over his glasses in irritation.

Their website says that their rooms are renovated and air conditioned, both of which are horrible lies. The mattresses are antiques, as are the sheets and bedding. The mold in the window sill is the nicest thing you’ll find.

After viewing their website I called to ask a few questions before heading down to attend a funeral. I was told that a double room had 2 queen beds, but she though the beds were smaller than a standard queen. I asked if they were big enough 2 and was assured that they were. I specifically asked about cleanliness and was assured the rooms are clean.  $100 sounded like a good price for a clean renovated room that was pet friendly.

We were devastated to see the wretched conditions.  The bathroom was so dirty, we did not want to use the toilet! But there was nothing else available.  We asked for cleaning supplies so that we could make it tolerable.  A lady came in and sprayed cleaner in the bathroom and left within 5 minutes as if it was clean! We had to go buy bathroom cleaner and clean it ourselves.

When we went to check out we were shocked to be charged $150 per night!  The unkempt man behind the counter denied that we had been lied to and said that we were charged an extra $50 for 2 extra people.  $100 was for 2 people.  Not sure what she thought I wanted 2 beds big enough to accommodate 2 people for…

Anyway, just don’t bother. Travel 3 km to Black Diamond Hotel where the building is old, and spotless, the staff and owners are honest, and the rates are very reasonable.  A sharp contrast to the dive in Turner Valley!


How to Repair Your Credit

Justin Tyme specializes in helping people with less than stellar credit get into a new car and repair their credit by doing so.  The article below encourages the reader to be wary of promises to repair credit and Justin Tyme agrees.  Sometimes it is nothing more than a ploy to get you deeper in debt.  Buyer beware!


Protect Your Personal Finance Decision With These Tips

Personal finances are one of the major causes of stress and frustration for many people. But, if you learn all you can about money, it will make your dealings a lot easier. Provided below is some sound advice that you might use to reach your money management goals.

Be suspicious of a credit repair company that guarantees that they will be 100% successful in restoring your perfect credit. A lot of these companies will try to make a cover-all statement that they can repair your credit. This is a ploy to get you to sign up for their service. You can handle most debt consolidation and credit repair on your own. Success cannot be guaranteed and any promise to repair your credit is a false one.

Writing down your monthly expenditures can help you understand where your money is going. If you put it away then you may completely forget about it. Rather than a notebook, try using a whiteboard that is set up in a room of the house that you spend a lot of time in. That way, you see it more frequently.

By having a savings account that you deposit into regularly, you will be building financial stability. The savings money should only be used for emergencies, college costs or major expenses, like a down payment on a house. What you save does not have be a large amount, but always put something in the account each month. Even saving a little bit each month adds up over time.

Negotiate with collectors to see if you can get your debt or at least your interest reduced. They may have purchased your debt for a low price. Paying a little of what you have to pay can help them still make a profit. Keep this in mind when you work with collection agencies to resolve your debt.

If you are unsuccessfully trying to pay off the balance on a credit card, refrain from making any new charges with it. Downsize your spending habits and find alternate ways of paying your bills to stay away from your credit limit. Be sure to pay your monthly balance prior to starting to use your card again.

Try negotiating with your debt collectors. They probably bought your debt off for a very low price. Even a small amount of your total debt will put them in the clear. Keep this in mind when you work with collection agencies to resolve your debt.

Instead of wasting money every month in an attempt to win the lottery, invest money into a high yield savings account or other investment option. Doing so guarantees that your assets are increasing and carries no added risk.

You can control your property by managing cash flow. Keep track of what you make and what you are spending and then analyze how much you can save in your property costs. You should have use a property budget so that you can compare your actual income and expenses to your projections.

If math is not your thing, enlist the help of a checkbook balancing software program. There are many different websites and stand-alone software programs that will help you to get your finances in order.

Your perception of finances has likely changed by now. With everything that you just read in the above article, you should have the necessary information to give yourself a much better financial future. You just need to put in the effort to get you and your finances to where they need to be.


Great advice! And if your lousy credit is preventing you from getting a needed vehicle, there are solutions. Shopping for auto loans locally and checking references and recommendations from past customers is a great way to ensure you have selected a partner who is going to help you, not a predator who is going to hurt you! These articles provided courtesy of Justin Tyme

Social Media Marketing Daily Checklist

Social Media marketing is a must do for all business (in our humble opinion), but particularly for local businesses.  Social media is all about interacting with your potential customers, helping them to make a buying decision, and providing customer support for your existing customers.  The reality is that social media has replaced old fashioned word of mouth, but in a much bigger way – on the world wide web, not just the local coffee shop.  Your social media presence is MORE important than your website for selling your products or services!

Some business owners fear social media.  They worry that a disgruntled customer can destroy their reputation.  It is not a foolish concern, but consider this.  Disgruntled customers will post about their experience with your business whether you have a social media presence or not.  There are review sites out there for just about every industry.  When you participate in social media, you have an opportunity to respond to complaints.  You can be proactive and encourage positive reviews. Most shoppers expect to see some negative comments.  When the positive experiences out weigh the negative, the business’s reputation is salvaged, and their business will flourish.

Other business owners fear getting started and not knowing how to keep it up.  Again, this is definitely a concern!  You must keep up with your social media accounts.  It needs to become part of your daily routine.  Many business owners will hire a social media consultant to perform the tasks for them – smart move… HOWEVER, do not abdicate all authority.  Be sure that you have admin status on your social media accounts, and take a look at what you are posting at least once a week.  There is nothing worse than having a customer come into your store and comment about an interaction they had with YOU on twitter, and you have no idea what they are referring to…

If you hire out your social media marketing, expect to pay upwards of $500 for the initial set up of your social media accounts.  This includes setting up the major accounts at:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, YouTube and Google+.  Email marketing should be a part of your social networking.  You need to be building a list of prospective customers, not just adding followers and friends.  You need to convert those followers and friends into paying customers!

New social media accounts may be added as needed as your presence evolves.  The initial set up needs to be performed properly.  If you are unfamiliar with social media accounts, you would be well advised to have your accounts set up for you by an expert, and then take over the daily tasks yourself or have a staff member take it over.

In addition to setting up your social media accounts, your social media consultant will search out review sites and directory listings to claim your listing.  Directory sites are important for local businesses.  Each directory listing provides a link back to your social media account and/or your website.

The following info graphic will show the daily tasks that we perform for our clients, and in some cases, that we teach our clients to perform for themselves.

Social Media Daily Checklist

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How Content Marketing and SEO work Together to Rock your Business

This is a great article by Elizabeth Maness – great advice on how to market your business online.  My good friend sent me to this article when I told her that I never even think about SEO anymore.  Hope you enjoy it!

It used to be this mysterious thing . You’d write your articles, then “SEO” them for greater success (as if SEO were a verb), hoping against hope that they’d move up the search engine result page.  Then the uber cool and hip people came into town with this thing called content marketing that was ever so much more sophisticated and white hat, as opposed to the black hat techniques they assumed were used by SEO experts.  
(Incidentally, if you’re still thinking SEO something you “do” to your article,” read on!)
content marketing and SEO working togetherWith the transition to content marketing, it’s easy to think that the two are somehow mutually exclusive. That SEO and content marketing are two opposed activities. 
And honestly – that’s garbage, as is the idea that SEO is a verb – something that you “do” to your article. 
Here’s the thing. Using social networks, SEO, and content marketing together is more of a wholistic, step by step, synergistic process than it is something you do to information.  It happens when you write interesting material that is relevant to your audience. You write it in such a way contextually that it naturally gives signals to search engines that your site is useful, relevant, and authoritative. 
Together – social networks, content marketing, and SEO are three parts of a whole marketing strategy online that together, have amazing potential to build your business. 
But these days, it’s not just about building and growing your brand. 
Honestly – it’s also about staying open!  You see, the idea that any of these pieces is just a fad is absolutely mistaken, and could have dire consequences for your organization!  Look at it this way – your audience is online.  When they are looking for any new product or service, what’s the first thing that they’re going to do?  They’re going to “google it!”  They’re going to look for more information or for someone who sells your product or service using the power of a search engine (most likely Google, but occasionally others as well).  
And if you’re not there, or if you’re not close enough  to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), over time, prospects will stop finding you altogether.  Unless you have a phenomenal amount of word-of-mouth traffic, that will be a step toward the death of your brand.  The idea that you can skip social media marketing is nothing but pure bull, I tell you.  
Now, I could list a whole list of tips, but honestly – it comes down to one key idea. 
So what’s the number 1 step to make these 3 tools work together to boost your organization? 
It’s still the same old unglamorous advice I’ve been giving since starting – but it still seems to surprise some people. 
The very best thing you can do is to create content that people naturally want to share with a list of followers or friends. .  
Simple, but it’s easy to overlook in all of the back end work of marketing your business.  But every time, interesting content that is shared organically beats anything optimized after the fact by some special technique.  
Every time, I tell you! 

Please visit Elizabeth’s blog for this and more great articles!
How Content Marketing and SEO work Together to Rock your Business.


Google Hangouts,Google+, MLM Scams

google plusGoogle+ Hangouts is a free service offered through Google.  It works in conjunction with all the Google products (also all free).  Google Hangouts can replace high cost webinar or conference systems.  But it gets much better than that.

In reality, there are only two things that a business needs to achieve great success.  They are quite simply: 

  • a great product (or service)
  • getting that product or service in front of the people who need or want that product or service.

The free tools that are available to you in Google will enable you to reach those hungry buyers more effectively and faster than ever before.  This is brand new cutting edge, game changing technology and it is FREE!

What if you could:

  • raise your brand visibility
  • increase your exposure
  • save time and money…

Do you think that would….

  • Increase your bottom line?

Just Imagine…  You Can:

  • work with clients from anywhere in the world – without travelling (and without that expense)
  • control ALL of your social interactions from one location (your Google account)
  • maintain privacy and confidentiality while collaborating with your team from any computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet
  • Broadcast your event, webinar, presentation to an unlimited global audience (or a private group) with no costs associated!

You can do all this and much much more with Google+ and Hangouts.  This is truly game changing – and again… I must reiterate -it is all FREE!

But here is the million dollar question.

Do YOU know how to maximize your results with these free tools?

We are seeing an influx of webinars and product launches offering training systems for using Google+ and Google Hangouts.  Some of these products are absolutely priceless in value.  For example… do you know how to integrate and use all the tools such as Drive, and YouTube?

I didn’t even mention… Google owns YouTube – the biggest video broadcast site on the internet.

When you learn how to integrate all these amazing tools, you are in a position to get your product and service in front of the people who want and need them.  And as we established – that = success.

You can go now and start doing it.  With trial and error you will more than likely get it figured out.  For me, I’d rather spend a few dollars to learn how to do it in the most effective and productive manner possible.

I attended a webinar today with some good free content, but in the end the free webinar was designed to sell a membership program for over $300.  If it is good training, that $300+ is still cheaper than the cost of advertising and/or using similar type of software.

The trainer is a lovely and pleasant lady with a very lovely British Accent.  This is her website – you may wish to purchase her program:

There is a new system called Global Hangouts that offers world class training for a one time $99 subscription fee.  It is getting somewhat of a bad rap for being a MLM business opportunity.  If you are a person who hates the idea of being rewarded for sharing a product that you like, then MLM is not for you, but you can still join as a customer only.  The affiliate program is free, but it is certainly optional.

Check out GlobalHangouts Here

When this was first shown to me, I ignored it.  I thought why would I spend $99 (which translates to 8.25 per month or about 50 cents per day) for information on systems that are free?  When I finally took a look, or rather a listen to a live call, I realized how little I really KNOW about Google hangouts, Drive, and Google+.  I further realized that I don’t have the time to figure it out on my own.  And why would I when someone else has done it already and will show me for 50 cents a day?  If I don’t like it, there is a money back guarantee – so I took the plunge.

I decided that there are probably others like me so I shared it with some of my friends in my “circles”.  (Google circles that is).  I started getting well meaning objections from people who were concerned that this is an MLM scam.  Please people, don’t embarrass yourself!  It is a scam if there is no product – there is a product here.  And if you don’t like, you return it.

There you have it… my 2 cents on a 50 cent product.  I think it’s an amazing value whether anyone joins and I get paid or not!

Google Hangouts

How It Works.

BEWARE! …. Of Free Internet Marketing Training – MLM Success Blueprint | MLM Success Blueprint

There is a lot of garbage being given away as free Internet marketing training for list bait or credibility builders (that’s a laugh), but that is not what I am warning you about. My Mom had a saying “don’t throw away the baby with the bath water”, meaning just because we are onto those unethical Internet marketers that have no value in there content, does not mean all free stuff is garbage. Any one of these links below is rock solid free Internet marketing training from the Internet marketing geniuses at MLSP. Go ahead and work your way through them and get an excellent free education in many key Internet marketing training.

25 Marketing Methods
Article Marketing Webinar
Beach Bum Networker 
Best Sponsoring Secrets 
Double Your Conversions Now 
Famous in 60 Days 
Get 25 Voicemails Daily 
Internet Kills Networkers 
Limitless Leads For Life 
New PPC Profit Portal 
Outsourcing Insider Info 
Recruit Leaders Now
Social Media Automation 
Social Media Insanity 
The Internet Marketing Future 
Top 10 Prospecting Tips
Untapped Lead Source 
Weekly Marketing Webinars 

BEWARE! …. Of Free Internet Marketing Training – MLM Success Blueprint | MLM Success Blueprint.

Pure Leverage

If you have a business, be it MLM, affiliate marketing or a brick and mortar business you need tools to promote your products and services – and in the case of MLM, to recruit business owners.  This system will provide you with the tools and the training to generate a 6 figure MONTHLY income.

Pure Leverage.

Biological Dentistry

bigstockphoto_Ypung_Man_In_The_Dentis_s_Offi_4784414In my efforts to achieve greater health, I have been researching natural alternatives to traditional medicine.  I am a big fan of Dr. Mercola and his website.  My son was scheduled for oral surgery to have his wisdom teeth removed when I noticed an article on about Biological Dentistry – so I looked it up as it pertains to wisdom teeth removal.  This is one of the most informative articles I found:

Biological Dentistry.