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In today’s genetically modified world, even health products are questionable.  Meal replacement shakes and companies that promote them are abundant.  Through clever viral marketing strategies, one such company has become a household name.  So is McDonalds a household name, but is it healthy?  Don’t be fooled by hype.  Meal replacements or supplements should be real […]


Ag-Gag Bills

The next time you scoff at the number of labels donning the meat you buy (pasture raised, free range, hormone and antibiotic free, etc.), consider this: Those labels may soon become your only window on to what happens on most animal farms. As it is now, consumers already rely heavily on the organizations behind these […]


Earlobe creases linked to heart attacks

  This is an interesting article discussing how earlobe creases may be an indicator of heart health.  It is one of the things that doctors may look at if they are into “face mapping”.   By Deborah Kotz, Globe Staff   Can you assess your heart disease risk by looking in the mirror and checking […]