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Monsanto control 90% of US soybean – if you eat soy beware!

Food, Inc. Monsanto control 90% of US soybean – YouTube.


Biotech Industry Ups Propaganda Efforts

Beware: Experts are Being Bribed to Tell You This Food is Healthy From Dr. Mercola:  For instance, this environmentalist and writer claims to have “converted” after he discovered science. But was it science he discovered… or money and power? If you ask me, it sounds very similar to the tricks cigarette companies used back in the 1950s. […]


The Body Type Diet

Are you a hunter or a farmer?  Do you tend to carry your excess fat above the waist or below it? Above the waist? You are a hunter – hunters do best with a low carb, high protein diet. Below the waist?  You are a farmer and do best with low fat and higher healthy […]