Gary Gordon – Fort Saskatchewan Realtor

Gary Gordon warningFort Saskatchewan is a thriving little city with a small town atmosphere.  Real Estate is a booming business.  If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Fort Saskatchewan, a local couple has some advice for you.  Don’t call Gary Gordon owner of Century 21 Realty.

The couple’s experience was described by them as a nightmare. They were in the market to purchase an assisted living apartment for an elderly relative who was recently widowed and was in need of assistance.  Gary talked and acted like an old friend, winning the trust of the couple and other family members, but when it came to completing the sale, they say he was anything but a trusted friend.  Had it not been for an issue with the mortgage due to the property appraisal, they would never have realized how he manipulated them.  It turned out ok in the end, but it could have been catastrophic if the couple had not been able to secure financing.  In addition to steering clear of Mr. Gary Gordon, the couple advises to never use the same realtor as the seller when making a purchase. The realtor always works for the seller first -that’s where their commission lies.

They will be lodging a formal complaint with the real estate board in the near future. They are giving it some time to see if there are other issues that he failed to inform them on.  To add insult to injury, they didn’t receive the air miles promised in Century 21 advertising.

Our source says that the couple had this to say, “we are taking responsibility for our mistake of trusting that Gary Gordon was working on our behalf and with our interests in mind. We should have been more careful and paid closer attention. We are going to be making a home purchase in the next few months, and so are other family members so we are really grateful that this issue arose or we would still be under the impression that he is an honest man. We are grateful that he won’t profit further from us (or our ignorance), and we hope that others are spared the pain we went through.”

Do you have any experience with a dishonest realtor?  Would you like your story published?

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