Google Hangouts,Google+, MLM Scams

google plusGoogle+ Hangouts is a free service offered through Google.  It works in conjunction with all the Google products (also all free).  Google Hangouts can replace high cost webinar or conference systems.  But it gets much better than that.

In reality, there are only two things that a business needs to achieve great success.  They are quite simply: 

  • a great product (or service)
  • getting that product or service in front of the people who need or want that product or service.

The free tools that are available to you in Google will enable you to reach those hungry buyers more effectively and faster than ever before.  This is brand new cutting edge, game changing technology and it is FREE!

What if you could:

  • raise your brand visibility
  • increase your exposure
  • save time and money…

Do you think that would….

  • Increase your bottom line?

Just Imagine…  You Can:

  • work with clients from anywhere in the world – without travelling (and without that expense)
  • control ALL of your social interactions from one location (your Google account)
  • maintain privacy and confidentiality while collaborating with your team from any computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet
  • Broadcast your event, webinar, presentation to an unlimited global audience (or a private group) with no costs associated!

You can do all this and much much more with Google+ and Hangouts.  This is truly game changing – and again… I must reiterate -it is all FREE!

But here is the million dollar question.

Do YOU know how to maximize your results with these free tools?

We are seeing an influx of webinars and product launches offering training systems for using Google+ and Google Hangouts.  Some of these products are absolutely priceless in value.  For example… do you know how to integrate and use all the tools such as Drive, and YouTube?

I didn’t even mention… Google owns YouTube – the biggest video broadcast site on the internet.

When you learn how to integrate all these amazing tools, you are in a position to get your product and service in front of the people who want and need them.  And as we established – that = success.

You can go now and start doing it.  With trial and error you will more than likely get it figured out.  For me, I’d rather spend a few dollars to learn how to do it in the most effective and productive manner possible.

I attended a webinar today with some good free content, but in the end the free webinar was designed to sell a membership program for over $300.  If it is good training, that $300+ is still cheaper than the cost of advertising and/or using similar type of software.

The trainer is a lovely and pleasant lady with a very lovely British Accent.  This is her website – you may wish to purchase her program:

There is a new system called Global Hangouts that offers world class training for a one time $99 subscription fee.  It is getting somewhat of a bad rap for being a MLM business opportunity.  If you are a person who hates the idea of being rewarded for sharing a product that you like, then MLM is not for you, but you can still join as a customer only.  The affiliate program is free, but it is certainly optional.

Check out GlobalHangouts Here

When this was first shown to me, I ignored it.  I thought why would I spend $99 (which translates to 8.25 per month or about 50 cents per day) for information on systems that are free?  When I finally took a look, or rather a listen to a live call, I realized how little I really KNOW about Google hangouts, Drive, and Google+.  I further realized that I don’t have the time to figure it out on my own.  And why would I when someone else has done it already and will show me for 50 cents a day?  If I don’t like it, there is a money back guarantee – so I took the plunge.

I decided that there are probably others like me so I shared it with some of my friends in my “circles”.  (Google circles that is).  I started getting well meaning objections from people who were concerned that this is an MLM scam.  Please people, don’t embarrass yourself!  It is a scam if there is no product – there is a product here.  And if you don’t like, you return it.

There you have it… my 2 cents on a 50 cent product.  I think it’s an amazing value whether anyone joins and I get paid or not!

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  1. Lee Parent says:

    Well said. Technology passed me by a long time ago and if I can learn how to use these tools effectively, GlobalHangouts seems like a fair enough deal to me. I think it is a plus that I can earn while I learn.

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