Social Media Marketing Daily Checklist

Social Media marketing is a must do for all business (in our humble opinion), but particularly for local businesses.  Social media is all about interacting with your potential customers, helping them to make a buying decision, and providing customer support for your existing customers.  The reality is that social media has replaced old fashioned word of mouth, but in a much bigger way – on the world wide web, not just the local coffee shop.  Your social media presence is MORE important than your website for selling your products or services!

Some business owners fear social media.  They worry that a disgruntled customer can destroy their reputation.  It is not a foolish concern, but consider this.  Disgruntled customers will post about their experience with your business whether you have a social media presence or not.  There are review sites out there for just about every industry.  When you participate in social media, you have an opportunity to respond to complaints.  You can be proactive and encourage positive reviews. Most shoppers expect to see some negative comments.  When the positive experiences out weigh the negative, the business’s reputation is salvaged, and their business will flourish.

Other business owners fear getting started and not knowing how to keep it up.  Again, this is definitely a concern!  You must keep up with your social media accounts.  It needs to become part of your daily routine.  Many business owners will hire a social media consultant to perform the tasks for them – smart move… HOWEVER, do not abdicate all authority.  Be sure that you have admin status on your social media accounts, and take a look at what you are posting at least once a week.  There is nothing worse than having a customer come into your store and comment about an interaction they had with YOU on twitter, and you have no idea what they are referring to…

If you hire out your social media marketing, expect to pay upwards of $500 for the initial set up of your social media accounts.  This includes setting up the major accounts at:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, YouTube and Google+.  Email marketing should be a part of your social networking.  You need to be building a list of prospective customers, not just adding followers and friends.  You need to convert those followers and friends into paying customers!

New social media accounts may be added as needed as your presence evolves.  The initial set up needs to be performed properly.  If you are unfamiliar with social media accounts, you would be well advised to have your accounts set up for you by an expert, and then take over the daily tasks yourself or have a staff member take it over.

In addition to setting up your social media accounts, your social media consultant will search out review sites and directory listings to claim your listing.  Directory sites are important for local businesses.  Each directory listing provides a link back to your social media account and/or your website.

The following info graphic will show the daily tasks that we perform for our clients, and in some cases, that we teach our clients to perform for themselves.

Social Media Daily Checklist

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