Turner Valley Hotel Review

Mold on window sill St turner valley hotel

Window sill – filth and mold


If you are ever in the beautiful Turner Valley, Alberta, you’ll know you’re in God’s country. Don’t ruin the experience by staying at the Turner Valley Lodge aka Hotel. It’s a very old building, which would be fine if it wasn’t a filthy, smelly, moldy building.

The overweight man behind the front desk needs a lesson in customer service. You get the feeling that you are more of an inconvenience than a guest.  He looks just about as clean as his environment as he sits there watching TV and looks up at you over his glasses in irritation.

Their website says that their rooms are renovated and air conditioned, both of which are horrible lies. The mattresses are antiques, as are the sheets and bedding. The mold in the window sill is the nicest thing you’ll find.

After viewing their website I called to ask a few questions before heading down to attend a funeral. I was told that a double room had 2 queen beds, but she though the beds were smaller than a standard queen. I asked if they were big enough 2 and was assured that they were. I specifically asked about cleanliness and was assured the rooms are clean.  $100 sounded like a good price for a clean renovated room that was pet friendly.

We were devastated to see the wretched conditions.  The bathroom was so dirty, we did not want to use the toilet! But there was nothing else available.  We asked for cleaning supplies so that we could make it tolerable.  A lady came in and sprayed cleaner in the bathroom and left within 5 minutes as if it was clean! We had to go buy bathroom cleaner and clean it ourselves.

When we went to check out we were shocked to be charged $150 per night!  The unkempt man behind the counter denied that we had been lied to and said that we were charged an extra $50 for 2 extra people.  $100 was for 2 people.  Not sure what she thought I wanted 2 beds big enough to accommodate 2 people for…

Anyway, just don’t bother. Travel 3 km to Black Diamond Hotel where the building is old, and spotless, the staff and owners are honest, and the rates are very reasonable.  A sharp contrast to the dive in Turner Valley!


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